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This is the place where you can leave a testimonial of how you felt after your clearing.

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  • Deb

    I was being attacked from the darkness from a group on this planet. This had been occuring since 2009 and it was 2016. Really at my wits end and could not handle or deflect any more. My light and life was being drained , my life in shambles. The darkness would effect those around me , those with dark attachments and those with dark tendencies. I was physically attacked , I could hardly walk or stand up because of the pain. I called Fred , he and his team cleared away the darkness , it took more than once but he did clear me. On top of all of this I was also being abucted from two different gray groups. One group would take me whenever daytime or night, one would only take me at night. I had so much missing time from these encounters from the grays, on top of the attacks from this dark group, I had lost hope and felt powerless. Since the clearing I have regained control of my life and in the process of moving forward.

    I would highly recommend and do, to all who need assistance.

    My gratitude to Fred, Liz and Team

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