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*~*  All Our Work is Done Remotely… We just tap into the Necessary Energy Frequencies.  *~* Anywhere this side of the Galaxy ; ) *~* No Story is too far-fetched, crazy or bizarre. We are here to listen, not judge. We see the Energy layers, the Connections that cause problems, follow them and Clear Them Out! So that You can stand in your Own Power keeping your space and self Clear!



Energy work:

It is critical to circulate one’s energy in order to energize our Energy Bodies. This is possible with almost any movement. Yoga, Tai Chi, and moderate stretching are examples. Set your intentions to move your energy through your body as deeply as possible! Concentrate on your breathing! To begin, do this every day! Three times is better!

If one’s energy flow is not monitored, it might become sluggish or blocked over time. This might make you susceptible spiritually, energetically, physically, and intellectually. It can potentially make you sick or worsen pre-existing illnesses over time.

Our Energy Body is meant to have a balanced flow, just like the circulatory system in our physical body. If there is stagnation or a blockage forming, it should be cleared up. It is likely to slow down the entire system if left untreated, leaving you vulnerable to negative outcomes. Many cases are accelerated during the Ascension. Blockages or distortions in the energy body frequently have measurable effects on the physical body. (Myasma)

Our Energy Bodies have incredible capabilities when in proper flow. Every aspect of life must be balanced. It’s what keeps us moving forward smoothly.

There’s a variety of things that can negatively effect a persons energy. Our Energy Body, like the circulatory system in our physical body, should have a balanced flow. If there is stagnation or a blockage forming, it should be cleared up. If left untreated, it is likely to slow down the entire system and leave you open to the Negative consequences.

If left untreated, serious cases arise. Most influence is more extreme during the Ascension. Blockages or distortions in the Energy body will frequently have a noticeable effect on the Physical body. (Example: Myasma)

When our Energy Bodies are in proper flow, they have extraordinary potential. Everything must have a balance. It’s what keeps us moving forward.

There’s a variety of things that can negatively effect a persons energy. A problem with one’s energy can cause a variety of problems, which vary depending on the person and their situation. common examples are being irritated routinely, regularly  having bad days outside of your control, experiencing consistent Brain Fog, exhaustion, and worsening of other health difficulties. Along with sleep walking, time lapse, personality changes, flashbacks and psychic or energy attacks. Animals who become nervous or frightened suddenly or acting out of character. A surge in Electronics/ Tech issues, Poltergeist like events.
Regular cleansing is essential for spiritual well-being. If we do not routinely sweep out what no longer serves us. Old, contaminated or bad energy accumulates on us and can become a genuine problem in our lives. It can have a negative impact on a person’s health, happiness, ability to sustain healthy, meaningful relationships, and so on. When the accumulation reaches a particular threshold, it is typically expressed as a string of poor luck or worse, leaving one feeling cursed.


As Above, So Below…

Everything, including our thoughts, beliefs and goals, are energy. The more we accept a thought as true the stronger it becomes. Even strongly disagreeing with or dismissing a thought affirms its existence, through resistance. Go ahead tell yourself not to dream of fluffy bunnies.
Humanity has had Seers, Mystics, Prophets, Psychics, Witches, Sorcerers, Alchemists, and so on since the beginning of “known” history. So why shun them today, we all have intuition… Learn to listen to it… To use it!

In the same way that our subconscious mind gathers a tremendous amount of knowledge and observations about our environment in order to better equip our conscious mind with the ‘intel’ required for the current circumstance; our Energy Bodies do the same for us in the quantum.
Numerous life, family, spiritual or energy-related problems may necessitate assistance from a Mystic. These concerns might sometimes involve things that are beneficial or negative, service to self or service to others and everything in between. That is why discernment is one of the top few most critical things for Humanity to develop properly during The Ascension.


The Ascension:

I wont get too deep into this as there is already so much written about it. Though we would encourage you to seek a decent or better understanding of the topic, as it is a significant factor of any journey on this Earth.

The Ascension is a cycle of evolution, to put it simply. It is humanity’s chance to elevate our consciousness closer to The Infinite Creator. This isn’t simple or quick and begins with a journey of inner growth.

The sun plays an important role in our Ascension! The photons interact with our body on the atomic level, through the upgrading of our DNA. Once this Light-DNA is activated we begin to understand how to heal, grow, evolve and learn to access the next stages of our Enlightenment journey. Starting in our Energy bodies, together with our consciousness vibration (individual and collective) and influenced by our intentions and practices.

This cycle of Ascension is gradual but has already been impacting the planet at an exponential rate for over a decade. This will bring up the trauma we have experienced in our past, misunderstandings & other distortions both within ourselves and with others bringing to the surface ones pain, fears, guilt, anger, anything that is existing in  a state of lower vibration. Our pains are supposed to be used as a vehicle for growth and enlightenment. This isn’t always easy or fast and most often requires One to see, release, and grow from the energy that one is most resistant to. Those things that One has previously suppressed or had difficulty with tending to regularly will come up for healing and lessons with or without the Ascension energies.


The top 4 Tools Humanity needs to develop during Ascension are:

1.Spiritual Hygiene (Spiritual routines, practices and inner work. As well as initiating healthy practices with #2,3,4.)

2.Discernment, Discernment, Discernment ( Use your intuitions And clear questions to determine Light from dark, good from evil, truth from distortions and everything in between)

3.Psychic/ Spiritual Protection (There are innumerous techniques out there, use Discernment and find out what works for you)

4.Detoxify & Heal our Beautiful bodies as much as safely possible. ( A toxic body is a heavy anchor, making it difficult for our spirits to soar high)


What can Heavenly Clearings do to help?

Heavenly Clearings specializes in clearing a person’s energy field and attachments. This includes the clearing of this persons Physical Body, Home, Work Space, any vehicles, animals. This gives a person the time and clarity of mind to deal with significant events or transitions, heal, reassess and make needed changes in their life, begin a new journey, etc

What we can do to help depends on each case, Usually this is a fairly simple and quick process. The more complex the case, the more ‘layers’ there are to remove. The more layers, the more time and work needed from both you and us. Once cleared we will give further instructions if needed.

We do Not take on indefinite clients! Those you wont commit to their Spiritual Hygiene/ Ascension Practices go to the bottom of our Triaged schedule. If you wont commit to your own spiritual well-being, we cannot offer more than the occasional clearing. We are not medical professionals, any such concerns should be brought to your trusted medical practitioner.

All our work is done remotely, using the same concept as Remote Viewing. At most requiring a phone call. (15-90min)

There are a multitude of Disruptive or Negative entities Out There… Some are human, Others are not… We have seen/dealt with most of them. If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to call for a consult… Or email if preferred.


Testimonials : See the testimonials page. Note that most people are reluctant to talk about these personal matters, afraid of being called crazy and other sad things. We take your personal case seriously and do everything we can to help!



How to start – Call us at 907-229-2475  ~OR~
Email at  ~  Heavenlyclearings@gmail.com
We are able to work World Wide.

Please Leave your Name, Number, Time Zone and Summery of the Concern or Problem to the best of your knowledge, Please include Any and All Pertinent Details from Any Relevant History, Best time to call back and Any Additional Information you’re comfortable with.

If We’re Unable Answer Your call, leave a text, voice or email… We Will get back to you As Soon As Possible!

We take All Cases Seriously, We use a case by case Triage Method (Most Serious Cases First, Needs the Most Immediate Attention) This way we offer the Best Possible Service for Everyone.

Come In and Look Around… Your Questions can be Answered with a call…


Publics Works Projects are cases that benefit the public, publicly used places or institutions, healing nature spaces like parks and gardens. Deeply damaged areas (typically long cases) like jails, death sites etc. As well as schools & daycares, police stations, hospitals, natural disaster areas etc. A portion also helps cover those who cannot afford needed services as well as other services and projects we are guided to. If you know of any places that could benefit from this, please let us know.

After 7 days Any Unspecified or unknown donations may be used for Public Works Projects.

If you would like to donate something towards our Publics Works Projects, kindly say so in payment notes.
Suggested Donations for our services below.

Our Services:

  • Full Personal & Property Clearing: $150 (up to 6 people, $33 per additional person )
  • Vacant Property Clearing: $111
  • Energy Work Session: $111 per 60min session
    Energy Work & Healing Sessions Require Initial Evaluation $180 (90-180mins)
  • Energy Healing Sessions: $133 (60mins) (On Approval)
  • Coaching Sessions: $77 per hour
  • Twice Daily Clearings $220 (1mo)

Classes: Limited Openings Available per season ~Wait List Option~

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  • Clearing & Intro to Protection: $TBD
  • Elementals, The Cosmos & You: $TBD