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It is important to circulate a person’s energy. Otherwise a person’s energy can become stagnant or blocked and over time can make you ill. Everything must have a balance. It’s what keeps us moving forward.

There’s a variety of things that can negatively effect a person and their energy. An issue with a person’s energy can result in many difficulties, which vary from person to person and their situation, But can include anything from being irritable, routinely having a bad day, experiencing Brain Fog, fatigue and so on.

If its not regularly cleared out, then Over time negative energy collects onto a person and can become a real problem in life. It can adversely effect a person’s health, Happiness, even a persons ability to maintain a healthy loving relationship etc..


What can Heavenly Clearings do to help?

Heavenly Clearings specializes in clearing a person’s energy field. This includes the clearing of this persons Physical Body, Home, Work/ Work Space, and any vehicles.

This is all done remotely, using the same concept as Remote Viewing.

Usually this is a fairly simple and quick process. Once cleared we will give further instructions if needed.

There are also Disruptive or Negative entities Out There… Some are human, Others are not…

We Do Remove Unwanted and/ or Negative Energies and Entities, from both People and Property as needed.

This gives a person the time and clarity of mind to make any changes that may be needed in their life.



Testimonials : See the testimonials page. Note that most people are reluctant to talk about these personal matters, afraid of being called crazy and other sad things. We take your personal case seriously and do everything we can to help!

Note: We are able to work World Wide.

How to start – Call us at 907-229-2475  ~OR~

Email at  ~  Heavenlyclearings@gmail.com

Please Leave your Name, Number, Time Zone and Summery of the Concern or Problem to the best of your knowledge, Please include Any and All Pertinent Details from Any Relevant History, Best time to call back and Any Additional Information you’re comfortable with.

If We’re Unable Answer Your call, We Will get back to you As Soon As Possible!

We take All Cases Seriously, We use a case by case Triage Method (Most Serious Cases First, Needs the Most Immediate Attention)  This way we offer the Best Possible Service for Everyone.

Come In and Look Around… Your Questions can be Answered with the Free call…


Suggested Donations:

Energy Work:

  • Property Clearing: $188
  • Personal & Property Clearing: $288
  • Healing: $333

Classes: Limited Openings Available ~Wait List Option~

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  • Clearing & Intro to Protection: $TBA
  • Elementals, The Cosmos & You: $TBA