Property Clearings

Property Clearings

No Story is too far-fetched, weird, or bizarre. I am here to listen and help you clear your house, work space-office area, commercial buildings, baby room (before and after birth).

Your new home or commercial building before or after move-in.

Class rooms, day care centers, school classrooms grades 1-12, college classroom.

Clear house after death of family member. Clear your home after accident, injury or falls or car accidents. Sick rooms.

Pet rooms where pets live and sleep, Dogs, Cats, Birds, and exotic animals. There is a special rate for God’s creatures, 1 room limit, call me.

Art studios (this is for artists only, call me). Professional writers, creative writing area (special rate for you to keep the art of writing alive).

Mines, Alaska, Africa, Peru, Australia, world-wide. A legal description of the property is all that’s needed.

Any place workers have been killed or lost–where the Angels walk.

Hospitals, Cemeteries, Rifle Ranges, Parks, playgrounds, and summer camps…

Any earth clearing: fruit, vegetable or flower gardens.

World Wide Availability

Do you feel as though you’re being watched in your home?blue-design

Animals acting strange?

Arguments break out for no apparent reason?

Are things moving around or disappearing? Have people seen dark figures or heard voices? Any figures?

We clear homes and properties of negative and associated energies. We are not here to prove or disprove the existence of anything. This site is for people that have things happening in their homes that they can’t do anything about and need serious help. Once the home is cleared, the cause (if there is one) must be acted upon and changed.  If someone in your family has a negative attachment, Please call us. These things can be complicated but our price remains the same.

No situations are too strange and most every situation is different. If the problem goes beyond clearing the home and/or property, we have a list of professional references for you. A house/property clearing can also help a property sell. Some buildings and properties give off bad “vibes”, negative feelings to potential buyers. A place that has had many arguments, fights, or negative activities attract and hold negative energies…Enough to make some things move or disappear and other things can happen. After a Clearing, even in a place where no “problems” exist, people report a “light, happy” feeling.

The current price for a Home/Property clearing is $147 If you cannot afford it we take monthly donations as we want no one to go without help. Along with the clearing is a free consult. That’s a $147 donation for approximately 1 and 1/2 hours work that can take days that not just anyone can do. If anyone thinks additional consultation is needed 30 minute consultations are free with a Clearing.

We cannot be responsible for anyone’s spiritual hygiene. Once Cleared anyone can allow something back in and some do. It’s like hiring someone to mow your lawn and complain when the grass grows back. If we could walk through life protecting everyone, we would do it, but we can’t. There are many people these days with serious negative situations in their home and we can’t help them if they don’t change the cause that started the problem.

Some, but not all, of the things which can cause spiritual problems are as follows: Alcohol (drinking), drugs, negative emotions like anger, rage, fear, despair, depression, anxiety, confusion, loneliness, apathy, lack, limitations, remorse, greed, divorce energy, and many, many more!

The clearing may last forever or a week, depending on what people let in their homes and their spiritual practices. All prayer helps spiritual problems and is a big part of our spiritual hygiene. Prayer is also one of the ways to be of service to others.

These are special times and as the “veil” thins many people are having experiences and suffering attacks. We want to leave no one out but also need to get help to those that need it most.