Is something off in your life? Personally or on your property?

Something small and naggingly constant?
Something HUGE and Dark?
For really fast relief, you might contact Fred and Isabella!
Several times in the past year I was struggling with I-didn’t-know-what. I had contacted healers I had known before. They did their best. Maybe I had a little relief. Then a friend told me about Fred and Isabella. I called, we had a hang-onto-your-hat conversation and relief was finally at hand! After that first call, I realized I now know who to call.
Fred and Isabella are LOVING and POWERFUL GOOD GUYS!!!!
I had an issue with a room in my home recently vacated by a co-renter. I am a physical therapist/craniosacral therapist and was looking forward to turning it into my treatment room. Except, I couldn’t go in it. I kept the door closed. Occasionally peeking in. Always feeling eerie-ness. I finally cleared my mind enough and remembered Fred and Isabella! I called.
After the call:
I felt improved clarity and discernment. Calmer with improved ability to breathe.
My posture improved-no more depressed posture. Pain in my low back and right hip disappeared. I moved with greater ease.
I was comfortable in the room, able to set it up, able to love being in it.
Clients, the right ones, started calling me for appointments and then for return appointments.
Within the next 2 days I found everything I had had on lists for years to buy and found them at local stores!
I was suddenly able to feel the energy of plants and communicate with them. WOW!
I had lots of good news and increased income…and I was asked to host a conference call that I love and have been on 7 nights a week over the last 1 1/2 years!
And that was after one session!
in Sequim, Washington

Hi Fred & Isabella,

Thank you so much for clearing & helping me, my home and surroundings.
I did not realize how much of a change & improvement could be possible.
It is such a subtle & gradual improvement but when looking back the last few days I see, hear & feel a huge improvement. At first I was also using herbal & natural remedies for pain & panic & fear. But those needs tapered off to almost none.

I’m grateful to you both & your team. So much has cleared physically & mentally for me. I’m calmer, so MUCH LESS panic attacks & a digestive illness I’ve battled for more than a year seems to be gone – nothing short of a miracle for me. I’m sleeping better & longer. For the first time I can remember in longer than I can remember I looked down, realized my knees where moving easier, were stronger & weren’t swollen & weren’t hurting.

I didn’t know what to expect when I emailed you but you called. Not once did you mention a donation or payment which made me so grateful. Although it was a stretch & I didn’t know what to expect I felt it only right to donate as soon as our call ended for I know others you have helped. I wish I could have done more & as my circumstances improve I will do more to support your work as well as Wynn & Terry who I also owe big thanks to.

I could go on & on but sincerely wanted to express my deep heart felt gratitude.

In my opinion you & your team have performed a miracle for me.

Thank you so much for doing what you do & helping so many.
Helen – July 2016

I had a bunch of energetic issues going on and after the clearing, they were gone. One thing in particular I noticed was that I no longer thought about my exes – this was really incredible! Fred is an amazing, powerful, and compassionate being! Thank you!

I contacted Fred out of absolute desperation after having heard him on your call. I am VERY reluctant to ask for any help as it is, long story, not pertinent, what is VERY IMPORTANT for you to be FULLY AWARE OF; I was at my wits end, and in great fear of what may have happened, and I forced myself to call him; It was the 2nd week of June. He listened very carefully, and I gave just a brief maybe 2 minute overview of what had transpired– I felt very idiotic, but he rested my fears that I WAS NOT CRAZY.

He & his “Team” jumped right into action, dropped everything they were doing, because he saw that what was going on WAS EXTREMELY SERIOUS. I have to tell you, what they did was a miracle, and it has LASTED, it didn’t just “wear off”. He is the real deal, 100% SERVICE TO OTHERS, and nothing but pure LOVE & GOODNESS has come from him & his “Team” there was a TOTAL transformation of our home & property.
Another thing is, had he been charging big fees, I wouldn’t have even thought of making the call, we’ve been in such financial hardship, which may have been I BELIEVE partly caused by, as well as exacerbated by the “BAD” things he & his TEAM got off my property & away from my kids & myself, which had led to prolonged financial devastation, as well as illness–

Not to mention the killing of our animals, you have no idea how bad it was. We have suffered so long & such torment.

I think there is a reluctance on the part of people he helps, to come forward and admit to having been victimized by; “things you cannot see” its devastating & nobody BELIEVES YOU, they just think you’re crazy or unreliable– SO UNTRUE, and hurtful. And the more tormented you are and more ill you become, and more financially ruined, the worse it gets, and the less likely you are to even DARE reach out & ask for help, especially when every door is slammed shut in your face.

The BAD that he & his TEAM got rid of– loved hopelessness, it probably would have wanted us all dead, or to give up and think we had nothing to live for.
Evil seems to really go after those of us with big hearts, it really hates our LOVE.

He is a GREAT soul & his TEAM did wonders for us, people they didn’t even know, when everyone else turned their BACKS ON US OR WANTED MONEY WE DID NOT HAVE 🙁
They rushed in and saved us, and asked nothing.

You should REALLY make sure that anyone who needs help is able to be aware that he & his team are the best, reliable & trustworthy, and deserving of highest regard.

I am going to give him my highest recommendation and testimonial for his website and anything he needs, there is no possible way to repay him & his team… California

Hi Fred and Isabella:

I wanted to write a quick THANK YOU for the amazing session you did for me Wednesday (6 pm). It is a very rare opportunity that I have someone who is able to not only do the level of clearing work that you both do, but to take the time to explain what you are doing that I can learn from. This will help me SO MUCH in my own clearing practice to understand the process and how it is done from a different perspective.  I am so grateful for your time and your selfless service to us all.

Unlimited Love and Grace Light!

Judy S

A 16 year long smoking visitor to my home was completely cleared in that clearing and I am thrilled!

I could not find a way to post a testimonial on you site. Therefore, I am emailing You.

“Thank you so much Fred. The energies in my home, gardens, and property have changed dramatically for the better. The spaces feel so much lighter and brighter, and relationships with people in my family, and most others have also benefited tremendously. I feel calmer and I am now able to spend time writing again. You are an “angel.”

Fred, Thanks again,
The House and gardens feel even lighter, and more vibrant today than ever! Does that usually happen – that it continues to improve over time? The place is vibrating (in a very good way).

Thank you so much!

The gardens are beginning to do better! Even though my daughter is not living with me at the moment – our relationship (which was doing much better anyway) is getting even better! The house and property feel a LOT lighter. I continue to feel physically exhausted and ache all over, but my mind is clearer and brighter. Thank you so much for your help.

love and light,

“Empowerment is at the heart of our evolution as human and multidimensional beings that we are. Fred & Isabella’s teachings fully embody this philosophy and have been an instrumental foundation to my spiritual development. The tools I learned from them have allowed me to grow and access previously untapped potential as I lead a life with more discernment, clarity, and unobstructed intent. I now live more connected to my higher self and in alignment to my purpose in this life. I continuously send love and deep gratitude to these two beautiful and giving souls for crossing my path and for the life changing gifts I received from them.”- Isis Carla Seattle WA~2019

We are Energy Specialists, Not Medical Professionals. We Always recommend that physicians be consulted first. That Is Our Standard.  We recommend proper Medical consultations and Advice from certified professionals before initiating any kind of Energy work!!!

May Peace, Love, and Grace be Yours, always.
For They Truly Are. Just as We are Multidimensional Beings…….
(Remember, a Holy Man was quoted saying,
“These things you too shall do, And MORE”.

Many Blessings to You and Yours,
The Heavenly Clearings Team.